Rajendra Foundation

Founded with a profound commitment to uplift impoverished rural communities, the Rajendra Foundation is a non-profit organization working at the forefront of socio-economic empowerment, natural resource management, local governance, and sustainable development. Our journey commenced in the year 2078 B.S., led and managed by a dynamic team of social activists who shared a common vision. These like-minded, young, and experienced professionals brought a diverse array of expertise, spanning Entrepreneurship Development, Environment, Forestry, Sociology, Agriculture, Engineering, Economics, and Health. Registered in Battisputali, Kathmandu, Nepal, the foundation is steadfastly affiliated with esteemed bodies like the NGO Desk, Civil Society Development Council, and NGO Federation.

Our Mission

Our mission centers on the creation of positive, lasting impact within rural communities. By empowering individuals and fostering local leadership, we aim to elevate livelihoods, conserve precious resources, foster participatory governance, and drive sustainable development. We hold a strong commitment to uplifting those who have been marginalized, such as orphaned children, elderly individuals, and women facing discrimination.

Our Vision

At the Rajendra Foundation, our vision encompasses nurturing latent potential through lifestyle and leadership empowerment, ensuring access to fundamental healthcare and quality education as inherent rights, advocating for improved sanitation and hygiene practices for enriched well-being, standing as a reliable support system during disasters for community resilience, dedicating ourselves to empowering orphaned children, elderly citizens, and women facing discrimination with essential resources, and fostering an inclusive environment transcending boundaries, where diversity and unity converge to create a brighter, empowered future for all.

Team Member

Our Expert Volunteer

Rajendra Upadhyaya